•     James M. Browne (President) – Since 1983 (30+ years in HVAC Industry)
        (CEO & Operations Manager; Design/Estimating and Project Control)
        e-mail Jim at jbrowne@detroittemp.com

  •     Patricia L. Slaga (Corporate Secretary) Since 1963 (40+ yeas in HVAC Industry)
        (Service Coordinator)
        e-mail Patty at pslaga@detroittemp.com

  •     David Barry (V.P. Sales) – Since 2005 (30+ years in HVAC Industry)
        (Design/Build and Preventative Maintenance Programs)
        e-mail Dave at dbarry@detroittemp.com

  •     Doug Reed (Project Manager) – Since 2007 (30+ years in HVAC Industry)
        (Project Manager/Estimator)
        e-mail Doug at dreed@detroittemp.com

  •     Laura Guzowski (Accounting Supervisor) – Since 1988 (19 years in HVAC Industry)
        Accounting Supervisor
        e-mail Laura at lguzowski@detroittemp.com